Two days ago, the politics of this country sunk to a new low. Theresa May gave a speech to the CBI where she sold her deal on the basis that it was better than going over the cliff edge of a No Deal and how good it was that Freedom of Movement was ending. She struck a low blow when she said that EU citizens would no longer be able to ‘jump the queue ahead of non EU citizens’. This was shocking and the full effect of her statement grew like a rumbling wave all through the day. There was an outcry on Social Media.

For a start, the EU-27 have very little comfort in the W.A. People who have lived and worked here for years, will still have the burden of proving their residency. Many of them have had years of direct experience of the Hostile Environment and just as we are potentially at a point of some resolution, Theresa May accuses them of ‘jumping the queue’. How utterly cruel to those people. It is stress upon stress.

Secondly, it is not true. Those people came here legally under the agreed Freedom of Movement. This tweet sums it up:

tax payer tweet

There have been increases in hate crimes against EU citizens so for a prime minister to stir up more hatred is beyond reprehensible.

As a British born, I feel anger, grief and homeless too. Trapped on an island fuelled by hate. Our Freedom of Movement is also ending. Our tolerant society is being trashed by those in power. The expansion of Xenophobia is obvious – first Windrush and now EU-27…who will be next? People who have different political preferences to the people running the country? This is serious and these are dark times.

So what to do? I know that I am not the only British born that feels abhorrence at how the EU-27 here are being treated.

The first thing was to post something about how much the EU-27 contribute to our NHS and the problems Brexit has already caused in terms of recruitment and retention. The result of discussion with Tom Scott from Cornwall for Europe was this  graphic   .

I decided to send a message to my dentist who is originally from Poland. She is a great dentist and I am glad she is here. I do not know her very well and felt a little embarrassed but kept it simple and sent her a short note.

How about if hundreds, thousands, millions of us sent messages of support to Eu-27 people we know? There are millions of us and only one Theresa May. She might call the EU-27 people ‘queue jumpers’ but most of us call them friends, family, relatives, neighbours, colleagues, service providers…..so the #YellowRose campaign was born.

I am calling it #Yellow Rose because yellow roses symbolise friendship. I want to do my bit to counter the toxic message from Theresa May to EU-27 people living here.

Join in the campaign and send a message of support to someone from the Eu-27 living here that you know. It does not need to be a card – you can just ask them how they are doing. Please help spread the word on Social Media. Thank you.

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