What does a No Deal Mean?

Confused about what No Deal Means?
Here’s a short explanation:
The EU and UK are agreeing a Withdrawal Agreement (W.A.) not a Trade Deal. Trade Deals can only happen after we leave. The W.A. is a legal process…the laws that were agreed in treaties that the UK signed.
The media and PM + others are saying that the EU is being difficult.
They are not. They are figuring out how the UK can leave and keep the agreed laws of the EU in tact.
The UK has been in effect asking the EU to change the laws that 28 countries signed up to…like leaving the golf club, not paying a fee, wanting to still play golf and then asking them to change the membership rules.
With a Withdrawal arrangement, we will have a transition period. During which things carry on whilst new trade arrangements are being made. (This will mean the UK continues to pay into the EU and abide by the laws including the new tax regulations for big corporations that come into place in the new tax year of 2019 i.e. April – funny how they were pushing for Article 50 to be triggered so we could be out by April 2019…)
Without a Withdrawal arrangement, we crash out and do not have a transition agreement. This is the shortage of food, medicines, no flights, lorries stacked up through Kent etc. scenario. This is because our EU membership covers trade, customs agreements and also aviation agreements. Therefore, if we crash out all those things would stop.
Do you think the ‘negotiations’ are going well so far?
If so what outcome do you think we are heading for?
Update: There is still confusion about Hard Brexit and No Deal.
A hard Brexit means not staying in the Single Market and Customs Union but there would be a transition of a couple of years (or more) so we could prepare.
A No deal means we could only trade under WTO rules.