It Mainly Affects the Elderly

I processed the press briefing from Number 10 yesterday and how that impacts my family and others.

I am particularly perturbed by the untested protocols of ‘herd immunity’ in the context of a pandemic.

So with vaccination, the weakest are protected with herd immunity but in a pandemic, the weakest will most likely die. That means the elderly and those with underlying health conditions.

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We are at risk of Employment Apartheid

As well as the Withdrawal Arrangement Bill being debated this today, a terrible new law could go through today in the House of Commons.

These regulations, if passed, could prevent EU27 citizens who are self employed in the UK being treated on the same terms as UK citizens. What does this mean exactly and what would stop more discrimination coming on line in the future? This is very murky.

I have literally been kept awake half the night thinking about this. It is an incredibly dark moment amongst many in the events that have happened in recent weeks. There is no democratic mandate for this discrimination. There is no humane reason for it and there is no economic reason for it either.

This is taking us one step closer to fascism and despite feeling overwhelmed and despairing, I still wrote to Sheryll Murray MP this morning. One reason is that even if I can not stop it, I can resist it. If we give up contacting our MPs, we are colluding with those that want us to give up on democracy. Even if we lose to these dark forces (it is dark to remove the rights of people for no good reason other than discrimination), the loss will be temporary and when the light returns again to this country, there will be enquiries. When those archives and the extent of the corruption is revealed, I want my voice to be in the archives that are on the right side of history.

I am sorry I can not offer much more hope than this. Every letter I have sent Sheryll Murray has been responded to with a sound bite of the party line. I do not expect this one to be any different so do not dismiss me as being naive. I have to try anyway.


My mum’s medications are possibly at risk in a No Deal Brexit

I found an article on Twitter which listed medications that could be at risk in the event of a No Deal. My mum’s medications are on that list. The Dept for Health tweeted saying that the list was not from an official source.

Are they therefore saying that they can guarantee those medicines that are on that list?

I also came across an article where people in the pharmaceutical industry involved with planning for No Deal had questions about transportation unanswered. Have those questions been answered yet?

I have put those questions with links to the articles in a letter to my MP, Sheryll Murray

I have also written to Channel 4 news and the Guardian to investigate the validity of that list and to see if the logistics questions have been answered.

Information to suggest there is something to be very worried about keeps being leaked out. We need specific answers not bland reassurances.




Letter to MP to Stop The Tyranny 28.08.19


Dear Sheryll Murray

As you know, I and many others have sent you well researched and referenced letters since the referendum raising our concerns and asking you to consider your position on Brexit.

Your responses have been along the lines that it would be anti-democratic to stop Brexit.

We have responded in turn with our evidence for why the referendum was not democratic and the way that Brexit has been played out so far is very far from democratic.

Some of these letters and your responses can be found on my blog:

Today an unelected Prime Minister is requesting prorogation of Parliament by the Queen in order to push through a No Deal Brexit.

No Deal was never talked about in the referendum by either of the Leave campaigns (other than to say that it would never happen, as well as we would easily get a great deal). This is well documented. There is no mandate for No Deal.

We are clearly watching a coup unfold before our very eyes and if you support this, you are part of it. Did ‘take back control’ actually mean ‘pretend to give control to the people but take it away from them and their elected MPs and give it entirely to an executive, the leader of which was unelected by the general population’?

This is no longer just about leaving or staying in the EU. This is about the fundamentals of our democratic structure in this country. A country that people used to look up to as an example of good governance and democratic principles.

Whatever your position on Brexit, Parliament should be part of this process.

Closing parliament is an act of Tyranny. Please do what you can to stop this today.

Yours sincerely

Jane Stevenson

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