Musings: Respect

Two collectively embarrassing things have happened in the last 24 hours:

Theresa May demanding respect like an about-to-be-put-into-Special-Measures headteacher followed by The Sun newspaper having a photoshopped image of her sticking her fingers up at the EU.

I’ve been on Twitter quite a bit today. These words have come up from Remainers to describe people who still want to leave: Quitlings; Gammons.

‘Cakeism’ is another word – it is not harmful in itself, it is just describing the notion of having your cake and eating it. I noticed someone ask a question in a respectful way (on Twitter) about why the EU are totally committed to indivisibility of the four freedoms. I thought it was a good question. ‘Cakeism’ was in one of the replies; ‘cherry picking’ in another and no one gave that person a thoughtful answer. I would have liked to but I actually do have the same question. (I understand technically/ legally why and I like the fact that we are afforded freedom of movement but I still have a question mark over why the EU will not budge on this).

If remainers shout down respectful questions from leavers, then how are we ever going to get out of this mess?

Say if….all our dreams came true…article 50 rescinded…Brexit stops..tomorrow….we would still have the same problems in our society. We would not have the collective terror and stress of looking down the barrel of a gun at the same time as going over a cliff…so it would be easier to be nice to each other…but there would still be a significant number of people feeling totally powerless, disenfranchised and fobbed off.

Those of us who want to remain are feeling those things now so we must have compassion for those who are fighting their corner in the opposite camp because they do not want to feel like that. It is those feelings that we have in common and that could be a starting point for building bridges.

The problems we have in the UK will not be stopped when Brexit stops.

Sh*t I sound like a head teacher. Sorry! Let’s all have a dance to the late, gorgeous Arethra