Lies We Have Been Told

1)Although we pay into the EU we get a lot back (the figure on the bus was the gross figure and not the NET/ Rebate figure). Cornwall and other less wealthy places in the UK benefitted from EU funding and we had personal experience of this (see below). I have since found out how much our region gains from the EU

2)Liam Fox said the trade deal would be easy

However, this is not true. There are over 700 treaties to be re-negotiated.

The reason many 3rd countries trade with us at present, is because of our influence and trade with the EU so we can not assume that we can simply carry on with existing deals we have outside of the EU.

3) Vote Leave Campaigners said one thing leading up to the referendum and another after:

e.g. Boris Johnson said he was in favour of the single market

But then resigned over Theresa May’s soft Brexit Chequers plan.

4)Before the referendum, Jacob Rees-Mogg was open to the idea of a second referendum once the negotiations became clear:

Jacob Rees-Mogg was recorded talking about Brexit in terms of a Norway-style deal

Jacob Rees-Mogg is now pushing for a hard Brexit and has set up a splinter group within the conservative party called the ERG (which, I understand, you belong to). Before the referendum Nigel Farage was promoting a Norway (i.e. soft Brexit) deal and now he isn’t.

5) We have been told over years that the EU and the idea that we are ruled from Brussels. This is not true – read this:

Most of the time, the UK are on the winning side in EU votes:

Although complicated, the EU is a democratic institution and we have a lot of say:

6)We were told it was the EU that caused large amount of Immigration:

The UK was the only country that did not allow gradual increase of migration from Eastern European countries… It was not “Brussels” that caused the large amount of immigration.

I was astounded by this as this was not mentioned by either side in the referendum (or if it was, there was little publicity).

7)We were told that we got an unfair fishing deal with the EU. At least some of the issues were caused by us selling quotes (a UK government decision).

“Here’s the Brexiteers’ dishonesty. Each country is free to share out its national quota as it chooses – but free-market Britain, unlike others, let fishers sell their quotas abroad. The Dutch ship Cornelis Vrolijk, registered in Caterham, owns 23% of the entire UK quota. “Slipper skippers” sold their quotas abroad …….
Britain could and should have banned the sale of its quotas, but Gove could repair some of the damage: ……. shares could be redistributed to the small boats. Why doesn’t he do it? ….. the power of the big companies: two-thirds of UK quotas are taken by three multinationals. …….. business influence over the Conservatives. Here’s an irony: the EU fisheries fund has given … small boats lobby a grant to set up its own producer organisation as a political counterweight to fight the big boats”.

Conclusion: Again, the UK was the only country that allowed boats to sell their quotas and so were purchased by foreign multi-nationals. It was the lack of regulation by the UK that has caused a big part of the fishing problems.