letter to Sheryll Murray to stop MPs voices being muted 02.06.20

Dear Sheryll Murray

I am asking you to not vote for the bill that removes the right for MPs to vote remotely during the Covid Pandemic.

I noticed today that the whips are using “get Brexit done” as a message on their own MPs to pressure them into voting for the bill.

This is nonsense – the Conservatives won on the remit that Brexit would be done on 31st January and we have left the EU. What is needed now are laws to make that future work. Those laws should be scrutinised and voted on by ALL our MPs!

It is also extremely cynical. Brexit was won on the basis that the will of many was allegedly pushed into the hands of the few. You said to me in various replies that Brexit was the “will of the people”.

So, by muting the voices of the people’s representatives, this bill is going against the very thing that ‘the people’ voted for.

There is name for ideologies that abuse the “will of the people” to push through anti-democratic laws and increasingly concentrate power into the hands of the few.

This is a power grab at democracy, and I ask you to look deep inside yourself and do the right thing today.

We are mid pandemic and the quantitative reasoning for reducing the lockdown is simply not there. It is being done too fast, too quickly. The scientists in SAGE have made a stand and said so.

So, by opening Parliament and ending remote voting sends a signal to the public to not take the threat seriously. This disease spreads asymptomatically and so social distancing is imperative for everyone – not just the vulnerable.

Ending remote voting goes against “the Science” that the government was so keen to say it was following at the start of lockdown. It sends out the wrong message and will result in more unnecessary deaths and suffering.

This vote today is a tipping point vote and your vote will let us know if you really do support the will of the people or not.

Yours sincerely

Jane Stevenson