Letter to Sheryll Murray MP 28.08.19


Dear Sheryll Murray

As you know, I and many others have sent you well researched and referenced letters since the referendum raising our concerns and asking you to consider your position on Brexit.

Your responses have been along the lines that it would be anti-democratic to stop Brexit.

We have responded in turn with our evidence for why the referendum was not democratic and the way that Brexit has been played out so far is very far from democratic.

Some of these letters and your responses can be found on my blog: https://foreuropeopenletters.com/

Today an unelected Prime Minister is requesting prorogation of Parliament by the Queen in order to push through a No Deal Brexit.

No Deal was never talked about in the referendum by either of the Leave campaigns (other than to say that it would never happen, as well as we would easily get a great deal). This is well documented. There is no mandate for No Deal.

We are clearly watching a coup unfold before our very eyes and if you support this, you are part of it. Did ‘take back control’ actually mean ‘pretend to give control to the people but take it away from them and their elected MPs and give it entirely to an executive, the leader of which was unelected by the general population’?

This is no longer just about leaving or staying in the EU. This is about the fundamentals of our democratic structure in this country. A country that people used to look up to as an example of good governance and democratic principles.

Whatever your position on Brexit, Parliament should be part of this process.

Closing parliament is an act of Tyranny. Please do what you can to stop this today.

Yours sincerely




Jane Stevenson