Email to Sheryll Murray to Vote Against the Withdrawal Arrangement Bill

Dear Sheryll Murray

I am asking you to vote against the approval of the Withdrawal Arrangement Bill this evening.

There is simply not enough time for the correct amount of scrutiny for the legislation. The potential impact of this bill will last a generation and is the biggest decision made my Parliament for decades. To rush this through in a matter of days is not in the best interests of the people of Cornwall or this country.

Scrutinising the bill takes time and is the duty of Parliament to do this. Being made to rush this through is in itself an act of contempt towards Parliamentary sovereignty.

Further more, Clause 30 of the bill (see below) is a major concern. It writes out the role of Parliament in requesting an extension after the WAB has passed. This means that if a FTA is not agreed by Dec 2020 and the Executive do not request a further extension, the default outcome will be a No Deal.

No one voted for No Deal. It is well archived that people who voted leave were promised a great deal, an easy deal. This would be a terrible betrayal of everyone as the only people who benefit froma No Deal are disaster capitalists. There are not many billionaire hedge fund owners in South East Cornwall! Ordinary people would suffer and this can not be allowed to happen.

Yours sincerely

Jane Stevenson

1 WAB risk of No Deal