Email to Sheryll Murray MP about the possibility of medication shortages in the event of a No Deal 28.9.19

Email sent to Sheryll Murray 28.09.19 Meds

Dear Sheryll Murray

I recently came across this article which listed a number of medications that could be at risk of supply shortages in the event of a No Deal Brexit.

I was quite alarmed as my mother’s medications are included in that list.

On Twitter, the Dept for Health said that the list was not from them and they were doing all they can to secure supply

Whilst I appreciated knowing that the list was from an unofficial source, it still left some unanswered questions.

I asked them if they could therefore guarantee supply of all the medications on the list? (In other words: Is that article fake news or does it have any truth in it?)

I also read this article with senior executives in the pharmaceutical sector calling for answers about logistics in the event of a No Deal Brexit

This paragraph, in particular, stood out:

“The industry doesn’t know which ports will be available, which ferries will be available. So we don’t known which ferries are coming from where to where,” said Steve Bates, chief executive of the UK BioIndustry Association.

“We have been repeatedly asking for this,” he said, adding that with fewer than six weeks to go before the Oct. 31 Brexit deadline “everything is become increasingly urgent”.

As my MP who supports a No Deal Brexit, can you guarantee the supply of all those medicines on the list from the e-surgery report?

Can you let me know if Mr Bates’ questions have been answered and that his association now knows which ports and ferries will be available?

Please answer my two specific questions with specific answers, not broad sweep statements. I have received broad sweep statements on Twitter from the department for Health and that it why I am writing to you.


Jane Stevenson