Email to Sheryll Murray about bill to prevent EU27 citizens from being self employed in the UK

Dear Sheryll Murray

I am very distressed to discover that the Immigration bill going through Parliament today intends to bring in legislation that will remove the rights for self employed EU27 citizens in the UK being treated on the same terms as they currently are.

This is discriminatory and effectively a form of employment apartheid.

There is no mandate for this in any democratic forum. In fact, in the referendum, the EU27 citizens in the UK and the British in the EU were promised no degradation of their rights.

In addition, many of the companies EU27 citizens have set up, employ UK citizens.

There is no positive reason for this bill. The only logic I can see from this bill, is very dark logic indeed and takes this country a step closer to a fascist state. I do not use these words lightly

Please do not vote for this bill today.

Yours sincerely

Jane Stevenson