Email to Mrs Murray MP 17.03.20: Test, Trace, Isolate

Dear Mrs Murray

I listened to Dr Tedros speak two days ago and it is clear that the UK is not following the Test, Trace, Isolate protocols that are necessary to reduce contagion.

We need to:

  • Test (even people with mild symptoms)
  • Trace (all those in contact with those who test +ve)
  • Isolate WITH SUPPORT those in the chain

If we do not do this, the contagion factor will continue on its exponential trajectory, overwhelm the NHS and many more people than necessary will die.

The measures were implemented in other democratic countries such as South Korea and have worked. We could do the same.

Mrs Murray, I have written to you many times and we have been poles apart on every issue.

You have politely rejected every single thing I have said.

One thing we have in common is our humanity. Viruses do not know boundaries including political ones. You could do the right thing and step out of line and if you do, you could help save lives.

Please send this video to anyone you know who has influence at a high level and please pressure your govt to Test, Trace, Isolate with support measures.

Yours sincerely

Jane Stevenson