Email to Mrs Murray 03.04.20

I wrote yesterday to Mrs Murray and this was her reply:

reply to letter 03.04.20

This is my reply where I concentrated on her opening paragraph where all my questions should be answered by the care home….

Dear Mrs Murray

Thank you for your response.

I do not think it is good enough to say to ‘discuss with the care home’ because care homes are being asked to take care of people that would normally be cared for by the NHS. They are being asked to not admit residents to hospitals…or care for residents where hospital would be too much for the individual to cope with due to their dementia.

Therefore, the state should be ensuring that care homes are adequately provided for in this regard. Otherwise the government is simply washing its hands of health care of a sector of the population.

I will of course be talking with the care home and have been….but they have no control of stocks of drugs or Oxygen within the community nor do they have control over stocks of PPE which, I understand, is red flagged for NHS hospitals as a priority. They have no control over the provision of community nursing which is going to be stretched in a pandemic.

They are being asked to provide HEALTH care for people with Covid which they have not been trained to do and it is the State’s duty to provide HEALTH care.

Say, a person (who could be my mum) in the home is struggling to breathe, what are they to do? Will they have Oxygen? Will they have back up health care from the community IF they cannot be admitted to hospital? Will they have drugs (palliative or otherwise) readily available?

You might want to watch this video and read this thread from Lewis Goodall at the BBC that describes the issues that the care sector are facing.

I think my mum and other elderly people in her position and the care sector workers in your constituency deserve more rigorous answers to my questions other than to suggest I discuss this with the care home.

Re: Tests: Thank you for clarifying the target of 25,000 tests per day…Let’s hope a ‘few weeks’ time’ means by the end of April.

Yours sincerely

Jane Stevenson