Hard Brexit vs No Deal and what the heck is the WTO all about?

If you are getting Hard Brexit/ No Deal muddled, you are not alone. Journalists and commentators and MPs mix them all up (either on purpose or because they do not understand).

I’ve had to figure it out too  – fortunately there are kind people (like Jason Hunter and Sarah Holmes/ Adkins) who are giving up their time to explain it to the rest of us.

SO… no excuse now!…I’ve simplified what they have said and summarised it here:

Hard Brexit

No Deal

WTO ‘deal’


Sarah Adkins – an Expert Contributor

I am delighted to introduce Sarah Adkins as an Expert Contributor to this blog. Sarah works for a transatlantic Law firm and since 2016, has been working with specialist colleagues on the impact of Brexit on businesses across the UK. Sarah’s letter to Sheryll Murray MP is one of the most thorough and detailed documents I have read on Brexit. Sarah covers a broad range of themes including the impact on our Business, Education, Fishing sectors and the NHS as well as how the Brexit process has exposed threats to our democracy. This letter is a ‘must read’ for anyone involved with the campaign trail and anyone who is trying to make up their mind. Her letter along with links to her brilliant tweets can be found here: Sarah Adkins Letter



Dealing with Psychological and Info Wars

Individuals on a mass scale are in a situation that has not been experienced by humanity before. This is because of the internet. Not only do we have so much information to process and decisions to be made (more than our brains were designed for) we also have people with ill intent who want to create distrust and confusion and are putting money and resources behind that. So we are in a constant state of ‘what to trust’ ‘who to trust’ which is really stressful……..

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Musings: Respect

Two collectively embarrassing things have happened in the last 24 hours:

Theresa May demanding respect like an about-to-be-put-into-Special-Measures headteacher followed by The Sun newspaper having a photoshopped image of her sticking her fingers up at the EU.

I’ve been on Twitter quite a bit today. These words have come up from Remainers to describe people who still want to leave: Quitlings; Gammons……..

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Letter to Sheryll Murray MP Sep 2018

Between the last letter and this, politics played out like a circus. Meanwhile, I was getting increasingly worried about our small business and the future of our local economy. I went to a Brexit briefing in Plymouth run by Luke Pollard MP and decided to ask Sheryll Murray some more questions…

Letter to Sheryll Murray MP 13.09.18

Please click here to read Sheryll Murray’s repsonse