Are All Covid-19 Deaths in the community counted?

Yesterday I wrote to my MP, asking 2 very specific questions based on the government guidance.

From the government guidance I studied yesterday, it appears that if the person (who died of Coivd) had a test that was sent out to the home, then that death would not be counted as Covid. It appeared that only tests done in person and sent to government labs would be counted. I needed clarification because it is not clear in the guidance.

I asked two specific questions, the answers to which would clear up whether or not those deaths are included and this is the answer I got back. I will let you judge for yourself about how clear that answer is!

I wrote back again with a quick email saying that the letter had not answered my questions and that I would appreciate if she would answer the questions.



Are all Covid Deaths in the Community being counted in the Government statistics? Letter to MP 27.05.20

I have tried to get my head around the govt documents on Covid tests (Pillars!), cases and deaths today. I have two key questions and I have written to my MP to answer them.

I recommend browsing through them because you will see for yourself that testing is divided up amongst providers and that is worth knowing.

Depending on the answers, it could mean that some people dying of Covid will not get included in the official figures.

Anyhow, here’s my letter.

Everyone’s Life is Worth a Couple of Hours Consideration Surely?


After finding out that some people are being pressurised into signing DNR (Do Not Resuscitate) forms, going through the process (well) with my Mum’s care home, I thought would share how these decisions should be made so that people are equipped to fight their corner if necessary.

Also care Homes are being asked to take on a role as part of the Health Service but are not being given adequate back up. I have taken this up with my MP.

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It Mainly Affects the Elderly


I processed the press briefing from Number 10 yesterday and how that impacts my family and others.

I am particularly perturbed by the untested protocols of ‘herd immunity’ in the context of a pandemic.

So with vaccination, the weakest are protected with herd immunity but in a pandemic, the weakest will most likely die. That means the elderly and those with underlying health conditions.

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