Another Sleepless Night Worrying about my Mum’s Care

….Not because I worry about the level of care by her care home but I worry about the level of support they are getting.

Tweet 01.04.20

I found some excellent resources today about how to make decisions about whether or not to escalate someone to hospital or not. I looked this up because yesterday a letter was sent out from a surgery asking them to sign up to a DNR and not call 999 as they had underlying health conditions.The outcry meant the letter was retracted and apologies given. Quite right. These discussions need to be had but they need to be done individually, with due consideration and the opportunity to have questions answered. In the linked document, the key phrase for me is “these decisions will not be taken lightly”

Escalatoin of care 1

In that document it links to the CFS which is a scale to help people make best decisions about the individual.

Escalatoin of care 2aEscalatoin of care 2b

It is not always straightforward. My Mum might have a fair chance of recovery if she was admitted to hospital but (as I have said in previous blog posts) hospital on her own, with dementia would probably be totally inhumane..However, I still need to talk that through in detail with the care home and I intend to do so.

In light of that, I wrote to my Mum’s care home today with questions about her care should she contract the virus. It made me realise that most of my questions needed to be answered by my MP as a lot of it was not within their power. So I also wrote to Sheryll Murray again this morning.

We cannot give in! Give in to: lack of equipment, carers and health providers not being protected. We cannot let our elderly (and indeed people with other health conditions) be written off en masse. It is a dangerous shift of the Overton window and we will all lose if we let this happen, even once we have beaten the virus.

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