Hello. My name is Jane Stevenson. I am an ex-Science/ Chemistry teacher but now work full time for our small business in Cornwall.

Worried about Brexit? Me too.

I have given Brexit a lot of thought and have written to my pro – Brexit MP, Sheryll Murray. Within my letters, I have referenced some key resources from my research. I am hoping this will be useful for other people who are, like me, trying to get there heads around the momentous events of the last few months.

It is important for me to keep informed so that I can make conscious decisions about what I can do within current events. I am aware if I do nothing, the dominant forces driving events will get one more free pass. Doing nothing is an option but not an option for me.

So, if like me, being informed is vital but you only have a certain amount of time to research, hopefully you will find some shortcuts here.

I hope you enjoy this blog and find some relief from overwhelm!